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About Jacqueline

Hi there, my name is Jacqueline, but I also go by Jackie.  I’ve been obsessed with photography since I was 12 and always thought I’d have a darkroom in my home as an adult. That has now turned into my iMac as being my darkroom, but I couldn’t live without it! This is my 11th year officially being in business and I couldn’t have done it without my supportive husband who helps me with everything he possibly can. Some of my favorite things are my husband, our 2 oh-so-handsome boys, traveling, and finding beautiful light everywhere I can. In our house we put The Lord first and thank Him everyday for what he has blessed us with and what He continues to do in our lives. It hasn’t been as easy road to get to this point in my life but it has sure made me a stronger person. I love meeting new people and creating new relationships.


I love love love being a mama!  It's the hardest and most rewarding job I've ever done and my 2 boys sure make every moment worth it!  They definitely love being my models and I especially love photographing them and documenting their childhood.  We love being outdoors and traveling!  We strive to give our boys as many amazing experiences as we can, and as a family we love fishing, hiking, camping and just going for walks.  In the winter you will find us on the mountain as often as we can.  My husband and I snowboarding, and also teaching our oldest how to ski, which he loves to do! 


I am a hopeless romantic, and love nothing more than photographing two people in love. I will do just about anything to get "the shot", even if it means getting dirty, wet or going through obstacles for the perfect angle. I love being unique in my photography and in life. I am a goofball and love making people laugh. I am easily excitable and probably use exclamation marks way too much!


I am a huge animal lover and have 2 cats and 2 dogs who are part of the family, so when my clients want to include their fur babies in their sessions, I TOTALLY get it!


My birthday is in December, 15 days away from Christmas and growing up I would always get the birthday/Christmas present, the worst for a kid!! But now that my son was born the day AFTER my Birthday, my birthday doesn't matter anymore, it's all about him! Poor kiddo, he was supposed to be due in January but must be stubborn like his mom and dad and decided to come 5 weeks early so he could enjoy Christmas with us.


I love cars and am a Ford Mustang girl, I've been very fortunate to have owned 3 so far, 1966, 1998 and 2006. My dream car is a 1968 Mustang Shelby GT500, AKA Elanor.


I am a proud member of Fearless Photographers, Professional Photographers of America, and Wedding & Portrait Photographers International.